Our optics in Medulin under the name Optika Nataša was founded in 2012, and thus we are the first in the history of Medulin to open optics. Persistence and constant investment in ourselves and in optics has allowed us to keep optics working all year round. It was worth it. We are happy that we managed to survive in this beautiful little tourist place.

Our first family optics was founded by my mother Ana Ćeralinac in Pitomača under the name Optika Ana. After 38 years of business, we decided to close the optics in Pitomača and establish for the first time an optics near the sea in the Istrian County in Medulin.

The owner of the optics is Nataša Milošević, a master of ophthalmic optics and an optometry engineer (bacc.ing.opt.). During her schooling, thanks to various work and practical experiences and education in Croatia, but mostly abroad, Nataša obtained a diploma called “life school”, where the practice is 80% of business.

How do we differ from other opticians in the area of ​​Istria County?

We listen to the wishes and needs of our clients

It mainly relates to the collection of our eyeglasses and sunglasses. In addition to striving to keep up with fashion and the latest trends, we carefully choose frames according to functionality and practicality, which are equally important to fully meet the wishes and needs of our clients.

Individual approach

We try to gain the best possible communication with our clients in order to get a clearer and more accurate picture of your vision needs in your daily life, and based on that we provide you with professional advice.

Handmade lens processing

We like to point out that we process spectacle lenses ourselves. The processing of spectacle lenses itself guarantees you greater security when buying eyeglasses.

We are grateful to have been in business for so long. Through the years, we recognize our regular customers, and your recommendation represents support, happiness and security for further business.