After the free examination, the optometry engineer will be able to determine which type of spectacle lens would be best for the client and for his visual needs. There is a very large selection of spectacle lenses and it is up to us to offer the client the best spectacle lenses with regard to diopter height.

The factories that produce spectacle lenses and with which we cooperate are: Essilorom, Leica and Indo.

When choosing the type of spectacle lenses that the client needs, we determine:

– type of protective layer on the lenses

– what is the refractive index required, which is also an indicator of how thin the lens will be

– whether the client needs single-lens or multi-lens spectacle lenses (if the client needs a lens with one or both diopters)

In addition to standard lenses, there are lenses that contain photochromatic particles. Transition lenses that out in the sun automatically darkened and indoors again return to its original, transparent state. 

In today’s digital age, spectacle lenses are also very popular for long-term work on the computer. They can be with or without diopters.   

In order to offer each of our clients the best solution, it is necessary to individually consider the needs and work habits of each individual client. Everyone’s vision is individual and different. That is why an individual approach to the client is important, in order to provide our clients with the highest quality and most comfortable vision.