OVVO optics

The combination of technology, design and comfort will leave you breathless.

These frames are made of a combination of 70% surgical steel and 30% titanium. In addition to being made of hypoallergenic materials, they are extremely flexible and heat-resistant. By flexibility we mean that their frames can withstand as much as 90 kg of traction.

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Transitions lenses

Daily protection for your eyes.

With these photo sensitive lenses, you will protect your vision from UVA and UVB rays, and it will also provide you with comfortable vision outdoors as well as when looking at digital screens.

There is no question that you will find your style with Transition lenses, because they come in 7 modern colors. Each color is activated, ie the lens darkens when exposed to light, and returns to a transparent state indoors.

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Safety glasses for digital screens

Advanced lenses that reduce eye fatigue during long stares at the screen.

Intense staring at screens is tiring for your eyes and can lead to eye strain. That’s why experts recommend spectacle lenses with a Smart Blue Filter that reduce exposure to harmful blue light from digital screens.

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Special offer Varilux 1+1

One pair of progressive lenses you pay, the other you get for free.

You can combine one pair of white and the other pair of sun or photosensitive lenses.

We strive to procure quality lenses that will meet the needs of our customers, so we are very pleased with the progressive lenses called Varilux, from Essilor. They guarantee you comfortable and sharp vision at all distances.

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