OVVO optics

These frames are made of a combination of 70% surgical steel and 30% titanium. In addition to being made of hypoallergenic materials, they are extremely flexible and heat-resistant. By flexibility we mean that their frames can withstand as much as 90 kg of traction.

The combination of technology, design and comfort will leave you breathless.

Ovvo optics operates as a family business with its own production plant in Poland. They started making glasses in 1980 and since then they have been persistent in perfecting the material and design of their glasses. Ovvo optics frames go through 85 steps of manual and precise production. Their patented screw-free handles and springs are lab-tested to withstand 300,000 rotations, comparable to 205 years of use. You can come and try their most attractive models in our optics in Medulin.