Progressive lenses

This type of lens is suitable for clients who need correction of visual acuity for far and for near viewing situations. That is, when the client has the need to wear glasses for far viewing situations and does a presbyopia for the elderly at close range (a special second diopter for near viewing situations). How do customers do not have to wear two pairs of glasses and they made them easier to carry, it is possible to make multiple strengthslenses that will allow you all day and you have perfect vision at all distances (for reading, working on your computer and interacting with others). There are several types of progressive lenses, and we will offer you the best variant for the needs of your vision, taking into account your daily activities and diopter height.

We strive to procure quality lenses that will meet the needs of our customers, so we are very pleased with the progressive lenses called Varilux, from Essilor. They guarantee you comfortable and sharp vision at all distances.

1+1 FREE

One pair of progressive lenses you pay, the other you get for free.

You can combine one pair of white and the other pair of sun or photosensitive lenses.

Contact us for more information or arrange a free vision examination.

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