Transitions lenses

With these photo sensitive lenses, you will protect your vision from UVA and UVB rays, and it will also provide you with comfortable vision outdoors as well as when looking at digital screens.There is no question that you will find your style with Transition lenses, because they come in 7 modern colors. Each color is activated, ie the lens darkens when exposed to light, and returns to a transparent state indoors.

Our supplier of Transition lenses is Essilor. Why Essilor? Because from 2020, they offer us new colors on offer. Previously, spectacle lenses outside would only darken to gray, brown, or green. The new colors on offer are blue, gray-green, warm brown and an unusual but beautiful, purple color. Each lens has the latest technology, thanks to which the time of adjustment of the lens to light is extremely short.

You can use Transitions intelligent lenses even though you do not need diopter correction. Transitions Style Colors will fit perfectly into your style and change your fashion expression. Combine the color of the lenses with your favorite frame, let your glasses become your daily protection.

Why choose Transition intelligent lenses?

Light is the basis for our sight and well-being. The part of the spectrum of light that reaches the eye contains components that can be harmful to the health of the eye. Transitions technology continuously and 100% protects the eyes from UVA and UVB rays and does not allow them to pass to your eyes. It also protects against harmful blue light emitted from digital screens and the sun.


Research has shown that as many as 88% of wearers are satisfied with their Transitions lenses, and they rank first in photosensitive lenses by experts in the field of optics.

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